About - Bijoux Trendy
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Bijoux Mussa Watne is a Tanzanian based in Norway. She was born and bred in motherland Tanzania and after her high school education, she went to study Air ticketing in Berlin,german.After that she pursued a degree in business administration in Oslo,Norway.

Bijoux has always had an eye for fashion and she has always loved to invest back home at young age.The inspiration from her brand began at young age hailed by the tailoring surrounds of her uncle,custom making outfits for not only her mother but her also influential public figures in Tanzania eg. The wives of governers,

mayers and Ambassadors.The brand Bijoux Trendy stands for a stylish woman who adores fashionable pieces that stand out with class. The Bijoux woman loves color,structure,patterns,shapes and intermixing cultural influences.

The production of our pieces and sourcing of materials arrays from Central African countries of Congo,Burundi,Benin,Senegal,Mali and the coastal Tanzania.

Bijoux Trendy aims to provide everyday wearable pieces at good rates that satisfy our clientelle.Our work has been worn by different celebrities from east Africa,Europe,America and Australia and also featured on different local African magazines